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About Us



  • CHM Retail is a dynamic organization built on a foundation of well trained and skillful staff with a clear vision for the future which is expressed by excellent service and customer care. CHM Retail has 9 stores and a Service Center and sells Durable Consumer Products followed by after sales service with an emphasis on selling quality products at the most competitive price with financing possibilities based on a reputation of years of reliable after sales service.


  • The vision of CHM Retail is to become the market leader of the retail business in Suriname with the purpose of have an establishment in every large populated location in order to get closer to every Surinamer by offering a broad range of products at low prices with the best service and best financing possibilities allowing as many people as possible to buy these products. Coming closer to every Surinamer means making their needs and desires our focus !


CHM Retail is een dynamisch handelsbedrijf in Suriname, dat door de jaren heen niet meer weg te denken is uit de samenleving. Het begon in het jaar 1880.


The West Indian Mail Service company from Amsterdam

In the year 1880 the company was founded as the West Indian Mail Service from Amsterdam, when they used a steamship to offer travel between Curacao and Suriname. Curacao later became the main trading point for the Dutch shipping due to its central location in the Caribbean. The market was also expanded to New York City via Haiti from 1888.


The commercial and industrial company was founded in Amsterdam

In 1890, the commercial and industrial company was founded in Amsterdam. It opened an ice cream factory and later a lemonade factory. Later on trading to Curacao was extended with wine and beer. Since 1911 the name of the trading company was changed into the Curacao Trading Company. Because the shares on the Amsterdam stock exchange in 1970 decreased because of the name, it was changed to Ceteco Holding NV. The facility in Suriname remained under the name Curacao Trading Company, however, there no link with Curaçao any longer.


The owner of the original Dutch company

The owner of the original Dutch company since February 2001 is Mr. Edmund Kasimbeg. Who also owns the company Kasimex N.V. The business name "CHM" was not changed by Kasimbeg following the acquisition, because the name CHM has become a well-known and trusted name in the Surinamese community. That was the consideration for Mr. Kasimbeg not to change it.


CHM went through an explosively growth

Since the takeover, Mr. Kasimbeg has been the general manager and owner of CHM. Following the acquisition of the company by Mr. Kasimbeg in 2001, CHM went through an explosively growth in terms of sales, market share and number of branches. Furthermore, the range of products has been dramatically enhanced with several new product groups. CHM has also specialized in providing products of top brands, and consumer financing and is now the authorized distributor of Samsung, Whirlpool, Mabe, GE, Panasonic, Frigidaire, Westpoint, Alaska, Serta, d'Italia, Carraro, and Hinlim CHM has now become one of the largest businesses in Suriname with 9 branches and one service center, all located at A1 locations.